Installing a water filtration system can save you up to 75% savings on soap and lotions.

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Installing a water filtration system or a whole home water softener can save you money. Soft water makes household cleaners work harder, rinse cleaner and perform better. Dishes, glasses and utensils dry sparkling clean and spot free. Thousands of households suffer from water problems that can easily be corrected, such as iron, sulfur (egg odor), acidity and coloured water (turbidity). According to a geological survey, hard water alone is present in over 85% of North American homes. Many of those affected do not realize that this problem can be easily treated with a water filtration system. It is this “HARD WATER” that causes chemicals such as common household cleaners as well as many other home care products to work less effectively and thus create the need to use more than should actually be required to complete the job. Everything from standard floor cleaners, window cleaning products and toilet bowl cleaners work much less effectively with HARD WATER.

By installing a water filtration system you can expect to save up to 75% off the following products:

1) Hair and skin products

2) Moisturizers and lotions

3) Clothes washing detergent and fabric softeners

4) Dishwasher detergent and rinse products

5) Plumbing and Appliance repairs as well as energy cost savings

6) Shaving blades and shaving creams and lotions

7) Bath products such as bubble bath and water additives

8) Household cleaners such as floor products and Window cleaners

9) Car cleaning products such as car wash products

10) Foods and Beverages

The eBook shown below was designed to help you understand how you can save money by installing a water filtration system in your home or business. Please feel free to print the handy chart at the end of this eBook which will allow you to write down the savings that you will realize once you complete the installation of your water filtration system. Click on the ebook link shown below to learn more.

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