The top 3 reasons why customers choose Eagle Industries Corp.

top reasons to choose Eagle Industries Corp

For many years families have turned to Eagle Industries Corp for the purchase and installation of their water treatment system. We here at Eagle have surveyed our customers and they have told us why they decided after thorough research to use our services. We took all of this customer feedback and sorted the comments and opinions and have determined that the following are the three main reasons why customers choose Eagle Industries Corp.
Reason #1 – State of the Art Water saving technology backed by a lifetime warranty – This is the number one reason why customers choose Eagle Water Treatment products distributed by Eagle Industries Corp. They have found that after comparing “apples to apples” that hands down Eagle was the best choice to treat their municipal or well water. The state of the art technology combined with unique water saving technology which in turn saves money, is a unique combination in the water treatment industry. Most customers stated that it was definitely a deciding factor but if you couple the features of an Eagle whole home water conditioner and take in account the lifetime warranty it is a clear leader in the field of water filtration and water treatment for both residential and commercial applications.

Reason #2 – Unmatched customer service and support – Each and every person we surveyed also brought to our attention the great customer service team we have here at Eagle Industries Corp. They commented that Eagle made available to them a great team of support personnel that was willing to take the time to answer any question that they had and if they didn’t have the answer immediately they got back to them in a timely fashion. They also commented that the water technician that the water technician that visited their home took the time to explain the features of the Eagle Water Treatment System in a simple to understand manner that allowed them to make an informed decision on their purchase.

Reason #3 – Professional and fully trained installation team – Most customers also commented on the fact that they didn’t have to hire their own plumber to do the installation of the water filtration system. The whole home water softener and the Reverse Osmosis drinking water filter both sold by Eagle Industries Corp needed professional installation and this was not a concern as Eagle provides fully trained professional installers to handle any size installation.

There are so many more reasons to consider using our services here at Eagle such as great financing rates, local support and service team, easily understood LCD water controller and much more. We are so happy to have been in business for this many years and proud to have served thousands of customers across Southern Ontario. To learn more please feel free to contact Eagle Industries Corp. by giving us a call today at 1-866-222-9308 and we will be more than happy to visit your home or place of business and provide you with a free water quality evaluation. Drinking pure, clean, great tasting water is only a phone call away!

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