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April 16, 2015



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March, 4, 2016
" Eagle is great, we love the soft water. Thanks Eagle for everything."
John Gorton

January 25, 2016

"I am very happy to review for your services. I get the best water and the softest water from my Eagle Water System. My family is very happy, the service was very quick, clean and no issues at all. I really am quite glad we decided to use Eagle Industries Corp. Thanks to everyone at Eagle we have a great water treatment system for years to come."
Tammy Gochenko


July 11, 2015
"I recommend any and all people to invest in this water system as I believe it is a major essential for overall general health. I can't live without this system."
Leo Falletta
July , 2015
"I love the ERO (Eagle Reverse Osmosis) drinking station and the way it transforms for coffee and tea. I also love the service that you (Eagle Industries Corp) are giving me."
Thank you very much,
Remy Feliatas


Mar 20/15

 RE: Water System

I have had the water system now for about a year and my kids and I love it

I can definitely see the difference when I cook or make hot beverages. Guests love the ease of it when they come over and it’s very convenient.

Beyond having the system in my house, the personnel at Eagle have been so professional and friendly and I am all about customer service.

Thanks for having such a great product and helping to improve our quality of life.

Laura Josephs

Brampton, ON




I have had my Eagle Water softener system for 2 years now. I must say that the system has worked very well for me and my family over the last 2 years. The satisfaction of  knowing that we are rid of the hard water and the sand that we were ingesting is very comforting. Chris, who is a man from Eagle, has been very good and prompt with the servicing etc.

All in all I would recommend Chris and Eagle Water softening systems to anybody, this product is good.

Jeffrey H. Nasseir, PMP





To Whom It May Concern:

 My husband and I feel that the osmosis system does make a difference in our every day house use. We are very pleased with this product.





To Eagle Water Treatment,

Your product, the reverse osmosis and the water softener in our basement have dramatically increased the quality of our lives at home. It has given us clean and refreshing drinking water, form many uses in the kitchen and the added value of knowing most of the heavy elements are filtered out to provide great drinking water.

Your product has also given us soft bath and shower water that feels great on the skin and soft on the hair. Cleaning has also been noticeably easier since we do not see the calcium deposits on sink and bath tub faucets, shower heads, etc, making cleaning these fixtures that much easier.

 Victor Gasarabwe




March 10/2015

Eagle Industries,

 We are very please with our water and how it works, also our air conditioner. It really does a good job. I am happy with the changing of the filters in each of these.

  Thank you,

 Mary Gailing

Guelph, ON



March 21, 2014

 To Whom It May Concern:

 I would like to thank Eagle Industries for the AWESOME service you provided us with. Your sales rep Andrew Woolcock was very polite, courteous and informative when he came to our home this week. After his demonstration we were convinced we needed your water treatment system

My husband and I were so impressed with having it installed the very next day. We have seen a difference even in the dishes coming from the dishwasher, no more spotty glasses!

The plumber you sent to install it was a great guy too. He did a very professional job, NO LEAKS! Very well done. I would recommend your product and your employees to anyone. Keep up the good work!


 Diane Colucci

Woodstock, Ont.




To Whom It May Concern:

We have had an Eagle Water System in our home now for more than one year and we are very, very pleased with it and could not understand why we hadn’t done this before.

We enjoy the soft water showers, laundry day is even better because the clothes come out softer and smell fresher than before. We also enjoy clean drinking water and save a lot not buying bottled water anymor

Thanks to Andrew Woolcock for introducing this system to us and showing us the convincing presentation that showed us how dirty our water was. We have also enjoyed the excellent service provided.

Thank you Andrew!

 Kevin & Roxanne Davis

Brampton, ON




February 7th, 2014

 I purchased the Eagle Industries Water Purification System that runs by Reverse Osmosis approximately one year ago. The system is small enough to fit nicely under my sink, taking up little space in my already cramped kitchen. I am thoroughly satisfied with the system. From the sales person, Andrew Woolcock who I found to be extremely knowledgeable, to the installation of the machine and dealing with customer service, I have been completely satisfied as everyone is pleasant to talk to and are helpful in getting your questions answered. The sales people are not pushy and the installation gentleman explained everything in detail. Since the system has been in my home I have noticed a difference in the taste of my tap water, saving myself money on purchasing water bottles, which have a negative effect on the environment. My vegetables retain their color when cooked using the water dispensed through the system. Amazingly Orange Pekoe tea actually looks like the tea on the package. I would recommend this system to anybody.

 Jennifer Taylor

Brampton, On




Eagle Solutions,


My wife and I have greatly enjoyed the water system as well as the liquid soap products. No longer do we buy bottled water and we enjoy the ice cubes from the filter system hooked up to our fridge. No gunk in the bottom of the glass! The soap products are gentled in everything we have used them in and do clean well.


Mark & Shirley W.




Mar 7, 2014


To Whom It May Concern:

 Thanks to Eagle Industries Corp. for sending Andrew to our home to show is all the wonderful world of softened and purified drinking water. When we moved to our home we couldn’t even drink the water, it was horrible, but now that you guys came and offered this great deal for treating our water we noticed a big difference in the taste of our potable water and no more hardness, iron or sulphur. Thanks also for giving us the soap package and showing us all the savings on not having to buy bottled water anymore. We’ll be savings a lot of money having this system in our home. The installation was very professional and was done in a timely manner. Know that we appreciate the reverse osmosis water coming from the fridge also. We would recommend the Eagle System to anyone. It was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made.


Thank you Andrew Woolcock for doing such a great job.

Daniel and Helena Sawatzky

Langton, On




Nov. 27/12


To Terry Forde - Eagle Water Sales Representative,


Our new water treatment system works so great! Our ice cubes are clear as crystal as well as my dishes! Our clothes are softer along with our skin! Thanks to you and your company my mom and son are so happy and pleased with how our water tastes from the tap. The cost of the new system in health terms is well worth the minor investment!



 Sandra Tirshaw

Toronto, On



I can’t remember when I last sent a commendation to a company, but I have just been so impressed that I feel that it’s due. From start to finish you service has been more than excellent. The phone is answered immediately and courteously (thank you Jocelyn) and everybody I have dealt with has been friendly, professional and on-the-ball whether the issue has been water testing and sales (thank you Amir), installation (thanks Marc), or the fantastic, caring and immediate aftercare from Lars. Your service is outstanding! We have been delighted with sales, service and especially your commitment to customer satisfaction. Needless to say I shall be recommending Eagle Water Treatment Systems and outstanding service to anyone and everyone. How we look forward to the next glass of water!

 Verna Andrews and Bruce Owen-Wahl

Oakville, Ontario




I recently had a representative from Eagle Water Treatment Systems come to my house for a demonstration of their products. I was amazed at the various tests that were performed on my tap water and how it compared to reverse osmosis water. For me, seeing is believing and I was convinced that for health reasons alone it would be prudent for me to invest in a reverse osmosis water system. The representative was very well informed and extremely pleasant to deal with and she answered all of my many, many questions. I was particularly impressed that they provide a lifetime guarantee along with 24/7 service. To top it all off, they installed it the very next day. The installer was a very pleasant young man who was efficient and very personable. I would certainly recommend this company; their customer service is exceptional.


 Cambridge, Ontario






July 30/13


To Whom It May Concern:

 I am writing this letter to let you know how pleased and impressed we are with our new reverse osmosis water filter but most of all we want you to know what a wonderful presentation Mackenzie put on for us. She is very knowledgeable of the system and has such a warm, pleasant personality. We are sure she will go much further in the company with her skills and ambition. The soap products are great!

 Thank you,

 Don & Carol Cameron




I must say that I and extremely happy with my new Eagle Water Filter System!!

Brayden was genuinely enthusiastic and very thorough in presenting and showing off the water system and what was truly hidden in my water.

What an enlightenment as to how dirty my tap water was: bathing, washing of clothes, and food preparations. Recently diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, my mind is at ease as to the quality of the water I ingest, bathe and wash with. Plus the savings for not needing to use as much soaps and detergents and the softness and cleanliness is nothing to compare to.

Thank you,

Mary Jane


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