Eagle Industries Corp. Supports the Research of Removing Pollutants from Water with Nanoparticles

Microscopic organisms live in your water remove them Eagle Industries Corp

Removing ​pollutants from ​water and soil ​might be easier ​than we ever ​imagined. Scientists have ​discovered a ​way to remove ​pollutants with ​the help of ​nanoparticles ​without leaving ​behind any ​byproducts. ​

Using the ​technology, ​companies can ​cleanse water and soil like ​never before. The ​nanoparticles ​would be ​cheaper, ​simpler and ​cleaner to ​employ than any ​similar methods.​

The ​nanoparticles ​would bond to ​specific ​chemicals, like ​pesticides. ​Then, by ​shining ​ultraviolet ​light on them, ​they would ​clump together ​into microscopic ​lumps of ​contaminants, ​which can then ​be removed from ​water and soil ​with filters. ​

The ​technology ​would let ​companies turn ​contaminated ​water into drinking waterand remove ​pollutants from ​soil so that it ​could be used ​for farming ​purposes. ​

Nanoparticles ​have been used ​before to ​remove ​contaminants, ​but earlier ​methods have ​always had ​byproducts and ​required strong ​magnets. These ​particular ​nanoparticles ​are made of ​biodegradable ​polymers, which ​are also used ​for drug ​delivery in ​medicine. ​

The ​researchers ​tested the ​product using ​zebrafish ​embryos and ​proved that the ​water that ​contained the ​nanoparticles ​was suitable ​for life, as ​they removed ​the pollutants ​without killing ​the embryos. ​

Eagle Industries Corp. supports research to making water healthier and safer to drink. To learn more about healthy water please call 1-866-222-9308.

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