Hard water is destroying your hot water tank.

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At Eagle Industries Corp our advanced whole home water conditioning system is designed to get to the source of your water issues and make your water crystal clear and clean for all of your homes needs. Our systems are designed to return your homes water to a highly refined condition providing you and your family outstanding health and wellness benefits. An Eagle Industries Corp whole home water treatment system will handle all of the common water issues that you may face with your water source (municipal or private well water).  Our systems are designed to solve Scale Deposits (Water Hardness), Staining Issues (Tannins), Bad Taste, Odours, Cloudiness, Discoloration and Corrosion.

Our specialized control on the whole home system regenerates with less salt and less water than most conventional water softeners. Using “Smart Memory”, the whole home system tracks and records your daily water usage regenerating only when necessary. Saving as much as 60% of the water and salt intake during this process. A fully adjustable control valve and a user-friendly touch pad makes customizing easy for those challenging water problems. This state-of-the-art equipment also features variable up flow brining with a floating reserve to ensure the optimum in efficiencies.

Assessing your water issues is our specialty at Eagle Industries Corp.  With many years of combined experience within our team, Eagle Industries Corp has the resources necessary to provide a premium experience within the water treatment industry. We specialize in water purification and water conditioning both for municipal and private water treatment needs. Our approach enables us to create customized water filter solutions ranging from commercial water treatment to all aspects of whole home and point of use drinking water filtration. Please feel free to give us a call to set up your Free Water Evaluation at 1-866-222-9308.

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Hot Water is Destroying Your Hot Water Tank

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