Which is best? Tap water, bottled water or filtered water?

Eagle Industries Corp. knows that the importance about health and safety leads us to spend a lot of money each year on bottled water, and water purifying systems. Here are some pros and cons on tap water, bottled water and filtered water:

Tap water

Pro: Tap water in Canada is tightly regulated by the provinces and territories.

Pro: Aside from municipal fees, tap water is pretty much free.

Con: To most people tap water tastes unpleasant.

Con: Public water can become contaminated by environmental pollutants or during flooding.

Bottled water

Pro: For a busy, on-the-go populace, bottled water offers a convenient choice.

Con: Chemicals are used in the manufacturing of the plastic bottles which leech into the water over time. Water bottles are a one-use only plastic bottle.

Con: Bottled water is much more expensive. .

Filtered water

Pro: Reverse osmosis systems will make your water pure and healthy for you and your family.

Pro: Filtration systems improve the taste of tap water but removing chlorine and any other chemicals that were added to treat the water.

Pro: Having a reverse osmosis system will save you money. No more need to purchase bottled water.

Eagle Industries Corp. wants to educate residents on the benefits of having filtered water in you home. To learn more please call 1-866-222-9308 to speak with one of our representatives.

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