Problem water is no problem with the Eagle Platinum Backwashing Filters.

Reliable Professional Eagle Equipment

You to can experience clean, clear, colour-free water for your home or business. You will immediately see and feel the difference a whole home water filtration system makes to the quality of your water and the quality of your life. Problem water is no problem with our full line of Eagle Platinum Backwashing Filters. Eliminate iron, sediment, bad tastes, stains and odors, as well as, colour caused by decaying organic sediment found in your water. The high-efficiency Eagle control valve monitors water usage and flushes the system automatically, preparing it for full operation over and over again.

Some of the great features that the Eagle Platinum backwashing filters have are:
Eagle Valve SingleZipperTanks -BrineTank (2)
►Exclusive NSF certified control valve with reliable electronic sensors, adjustable cycle time and proven piston, seal and spacer design

NSF certified fibreglass pressure tank

►Tank jackets reduce condensation

►User-friendly backlit LCD display

►Simple set up and programming with no confusing codes or symbols to remember

►Automatic Vacation Mode which prevents media cementing

►"No Touch" LCD information display which displays key information such as last regeneration date, current flow rate & peak flow rate

►Unique and compact one piece bypass valve with integrated turbine meter

The following are the Eagle Platinum Backwashing Filters, each unique to handle specific applications:

►Taste and Odor Filters (TO): Chlorine and organic matter can make your water smell and taste terrible. The Eagle Platinum Carbon Taste & Odor Filter uses high-quality granular activated carbon to absorb the problem-causing substances. Nexsand Turbidity Filters (NEX): Remove suspended solids, Ferric Hydroxide (Red Water Iron) or Sediment from your well or water system down to 5 Microns. Nexsand has proven extremely effective and will double the service flow of Multi Media or Sand Filters.

►Iron and Sulfur Filters (ISF): Water comes in contact with manganese greensand causing oxidization into solids which can be trapped in the filter bed.

►Neutralizing Filters (NV): Eagle Platinum Neutralizing Filters raise the pH of acidic water to neutralize corrosiveness protecting fixtures, pipes and appliances.

►Tannin Filters (TAN): Tannins are caused by decaying organic matter which stain most materials it comes into contact with. The system uses anion exchange resin to remove color caused by organic decay - greatly improving aesthetics and preventing costly staining.

For more information on these please contact Eagle Industries Corp. (distributors of Eagle Water Treatment Systems) at 1-866-222-9308 and we will have one of our professional representatives conduct a FREE water evaluation to properly determine your water conditions.

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