5 Simple Reasons to Ban Bottled Water

Eagle Industries Corp. supports the ban of bottled water.

1. Bottled water leads to water shortages.Water shortages have been reported in the Great Lakes region near water bottling plants. Nestle is withdrawing millions of litres of water everyday from an underground aquifer. Manufacturing bottled also requires a huge amount of water. It takes 3-5 litres of water to produce one 1 litre plastic bottle.

2. Bottled water contributes to climate change.
The bottled water industry requires huge amounts of fossil fuels to manufacture and transport their products.

3. Landfills cannot support bottled water.
65 million empty plastic water bottles per year end up as garbage in a landfill site. Only 50% of water bottles in Toronto are actually being recycled.

4. Bottled water is not safer.
Bottled water companies advertise their products as a ‘safer and healthier alternative.’ This is very far from the truth. Water bottling plants are inspected once every 3 years. Tap water is testing continuously.

5. Water is a human right.
Water is a human right and should be guaranteed to all people.

Eagle Industries Corp. supports the ban of bottled water. If you prefer the taste of clean drinking water and not tap water, please call 1-866-222-9308. We can give you pure and clean drinking water.

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